HTCP Level II Trainers - Upgrade

(06/01/2018 - 07/31/2021)

HTCP Level II Trainers Background

The HTCP second level of certification recognizes a minimum credential of Standard or Advanced First Aid cards with CPR Level C. *AED training is strongly recommended. Also, individuals that have certain types of medical or para-medical training can be issued Level II status. In all circumstances, to obtain Level II status the participant must possess HTCP certification which is valid at the time at which the Level II status is granted.

What Qualifications Must I have to Upgrade?
  • Recognition of a Standard First aid or Advanced First Aid card from an Ontario WSIB recognized FADO (First Aid Delivery Organization) or when a member association hosts a Standard or Advanced First Aid course. The FADO’s recognized by the HTCP and its members for the purpose of providing First Aid, CPR and AED training are listed with the Ontario WSIB.
  • Upon successfully completing the approved HDCO program (HTCP Level I) any individual who has the following professional qualifications, certified to work in Canada and is practicing, can be granted Level II status: - Registered Nurse - Occupational Health Nurses - Chiropractors - Physicians - Basic Trauma Life Support (B.T.L.S.) - EMCA certified - CATA/NATA - Military Medics (valid for 2 years from end of service data) (Qualifications must be licensed in Canada) - Physiotherapist - Dentist - Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) - Podiatrist
How to Upgrade? To apply for Level II upgrade or Level II renewal, please fill out the survey, which will prompt you to pay for your HTCP Level II Trainers Certification. The fee is $5.00 + HST ($5.65). You will need a credit card to pay. If you do not have a credit card, you may pay by cheque that should be sent to the NOHA Office with your copy of your Standard First Aid (or other approved designation). Once the survey is completed, please send a copy of your Standard First Aid (or other approved designation) by email to, by fax at (705) 474-6019, or by mail to: NOHA Office 110 Lakeshore Drive North Bay, ON P1A 2A8 C/O Andrew Corradini Level II Expiration Date Expiration dates continue to apply to Level II equivalencies and may not exceed three (3) years with the expiration date no later than August 31/YR. If the First Aid card expires during the hockey season (September 1 to April 30) then the Level II certification shall be backdated to no later than August 31/YR. If the First Aid card expires between May 1 and August 31 than the actual date of certification expiry will be the date of expiry of the First Aid card. The HTCP and its member associations recognize that if no expiration date is stated on the FA card, the member associations will assume the FA card is valid for two (2) years. There are some FA instruction companies that provide for a three (3) year expiration. For professional qualifications, the universal expiry date of August 31/YR will apply. Requalification Those who have Level II status may continue to renew by ensuring they keep their qualifications updated with the applicable member Association by providing proof of requalification. Member Associations may at their discretion, extend the period of requalification within a reasonable timeframe and under normal circumstances not to exceed October 31/YR. Regardless of this extension, the universal expiry date remains August 31/YR. NOTE: If elapsed past the requalification time frame, a participant will be considered NEW and must complete the HTCP Level I full course. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact NOHA Technical Director, Andrew Corradini at or (705) 474-8851.